Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ninth Brew - on a roll!

At the SNAFU July meeting one member brought in his latest pale ale with a twist.  He had brewed two batches and dry hopped one of them.  What an amazing difference!  Now I had read Randy Mosher's "Radical Brewing" and was determined to make a good American Pale Ale.  Besides the Pale Ale malt, I used rice, munich malt, crystal malt and three different hops from the collection I'd now accumulated.  Calculated the IBU at 37 and the ABV at 7%.  I decided to add coriander to the boil and try the dry hopping using 3% Cascade pellets.

While I was at Vegas Home Brew picking up the grains, Steve had gotten in a bunch of 6 gallon fermenting buckets.  I figured it was time to make sparging easier on myself so I snagged one.  This really made the sparging easier, until my collander slipped and fell into the bucket, causing it to splash all over the cabinets, blinds, counter, etc. and dump the grains back into the wort.  So I threaded the siphon hose through the handles of the collander to hold it on top of the bucket and started sparging again.  By 8/6 this brew was in the bottle.  OMG!  It was phenomenal.  7.07ABV, strong head, nice carbonation, very clear and golden.  I couldn't really taste the coriander, but the dry hopped Cascade pellets made a huge difference.

Also asked my friends what I should call it.  Someone thought that coriander comes from India and suggested India Spiced Ale, but since the style is more like an American Pale Ale, I called it India Spiced APA.  Of course coriander doesn't come from India, but who cares.  Dressed up Bailey to look the part.

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