Monday, September 10, 2012

First Brew

Well, I couldn't wait to crack open that Brooklyn Brewing Company kit and give it whirl.  It came with the fixin's for an IPA, so I bought a six pack of Hop Ottin IPA to have something to compare to.  Phew, is that hoppy! 

The BBC Everyday IPA kit is a one gallon kit with a jug, racking cane, thermometer, airlock, sanitizer, grains, yeast, hops, hose and a screw cap with a hole for the hose.  The instructions are really well written.  I picked up a 3 gallon pot for the mash and brewed my first batch on 12/29/11  I was pretty enthralled with the fermenting when it first took off.  I think that's what hooked me more than anything.


Bought a few more six packs of weird stuff so I'd have enough bottles to put my brew into and compare to.  I got a capper and a gross of caps online too.  Very optimistic at this point already.

And was I happy with the results.  Popped the first one on 1/23/12 and was very pleased with the results.  Not as hoppy as Latitude 48 or Hop Ottin, but more more to my taste.

Started hitting Google and learning everything I could.  Ended up with Dave Miller's books and planning my next brew.

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