Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hosbach...some my ancestors' hometown

Hoesbach, Germany - my great-great grandfather came over to the U.S. from there in the mid 1800s.  I've connected with a number of other people with the same surname (Heeg) as there are really very few of us in the grand scheme of things...maybe 200 tops in the U.S. (and some of those are from Friesland).  I have a drawing of a coat of arms with the date 1570 and our family name on it that another Heeg brought back from there.  It is a small village, about 35 miles east of Frankfurt.  There is dairy farming in the area and my ancestors brought that with them and raised cattle and ran dairies in Elmhurst, Queens.  My grandfather used to deliver the milk via horse and wagon.

So thinking about where to focus my brewing attention next, obviously all of Germany or even Bavaria has way too much going on to cover in one little blog post.  So the thought of Hosbach came to mind and I decided to see what was going on there.  On
they mention Brauerei-Gasthof Weyberbräu, a brewery restaurant just east of downtown Hoesbach. 

They have only been open since 2006. They describe a number of blonde, weizen and red ales that they create regularly, plus a number of seasonals, such as wheat beer in summer. They will fill your 5L bottle or provide a bottle for 11.90 Euros, or a single liter for 2.50 liters. 

Their copper colored red ale is called Weyberbräu Qupfer.  They describe it as moderately hopped, slightly resinous and acetic, some coffee aroma, with a creamy mouthfeel.  Their Weyberbräu Weizen isn't described on their website.  The next beer they highlight is their Rauchbier.  It is described with a beige head, with some smoky, earthy roasted malt, bready, orange flavors, dry and bitter from the hopping, good lacing, anda similar to those brewed in Bamberger's beer school.

The food menu has typical German fare, plus a few American bar favorites thrown in - fries, spaghetti...  They have a sauerbraten made in a dunkel sauce.

In the bigger city nearby, Aschaufenberg is the Schwind brewery ( which has been in existance since 1761, and brewing in the founding Staudt family goes back further. In their lineup they include a blonde ale, pilsner, red ale, dunkel, a strong reddish-brown ale at 7.2%ABV, a bock of similar fortitude, something like a shandy that's 2.5%ABV, light and dark weissbiers, and a beer brandy that's 42%ABV.

In looking for other breweries in the surrounding area, I ran across the strange bit of trivia that Snow White was purported to have been born in Lohr, not very far from Hoesbach.  The Brauerei Stumpf  is also located there and has a sizeable capacity and great reviews for its wiezen and dunkel.  They also have several pilsners, an export and a bock.  The Keiler Dunkel Weisbier got very good reviews in BeerAdvocate, as did the Helles.

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